Friday, July 1, 2011

My Most Favorite Time of the Year

Happy July!

July is my favorite month of the entire year! Fireworks, family, homemade ice cream, summer heat and running through the sprinkler!

When I was a kid all of our extended family would gather at my Aunt's house. We would enjoy the company of one another and light some fuses on some fantastic fireworks. I have two very distinct memories about those get-togethers. 1) Falling off the swing set and having the wind knocked out of me for the first time ever. I pretty much thought I was dying! 2) The fireworks! I don't remember the big ones or the bottle rockets. I remember this little things called Flower Chasers or something like that. We would sneak up behind my Grandpa while he sat in his folding chase lounge, the one with the small plastic tubing stacked up the front and back, and light those suckers and take off running. I am sure we were giggling to no end and he knew exactly what was coming, but he acted surprised every single time. He would whoop and holler and take off in a scooty little run with his arms waving in the air. We loved every minute of it! And when I say we I feel completely comfortable including my Grandpa.

My favorite and only sister was also born in July two days before my Grandpa's birthday. I love how we finally grew up and stopped fighting like a cat and dog. The two of us are as opposite as two blood relatives could possibly be. The last several years have allowed both of us to grow to appreciate those differences. I think one of the best examples of that is when I told her we were going to become foster parents. Her reaction: "I think you are crazy, but I am not going to tell you not to do it." We get each other.

July, my most favorite time of the year, eight years ago, T and I welcomed into this world the most precious little boy I could ever imagine. If you have met Mr. A-man I am 99.9% sure he has captured a special place in your heart. Words really don't do this child justice. He truly is one of a kind. One day when we are all in Heaven together I will introduce him to his Great Grandpa. At that moment I expect to find some Flower Chasers in my pocket and show A-man how to have a little fun with Papa!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Help a Girl Help Some Kiddos!

If you have known me at all during my adult life you know I have a heart for kids. No matter where I am or what I am doing God has found a way for me to minister from my heart. From teaching pre-school to coordinating an entire elementary department at church to hanging out 40 hours a week with the world's coolest college kids to being a foster parent.

I am most excited about my next venture, a trip to Haiti to love on some very special kiddos who live in orphanages. My biggest obstacle is raising the funds I need to go for 10 days in January.

You can help! Please consider donating $10 or more to my cause (see the cute little donate button at the top right column?). I'm worth 10 bucks aren't I? Yep, I thought so!

Thanks peeps!

Monday, June 27, 2011


I am going to Haiti in January! I am super excited!

Why? I am so glad you asked!

After an F5 tornado hit Joplin, MO (less than an hour from our home) last month, we received a call asking us to take in foster children who were left homeless by the devastating storm. We were not an appropriate fit for any of the placements.

During the last few weeks I have watched strangers, neighbors, and our government come together to rescue Joplin. I am so thankful for the resources we have here in the US to revive ourselves after a disaster.

For some reason the people of Haiti became heavy on my heart. What was it like to be in a country that lacked the resources to respond to the massive earthquake that occurred there in 2010? I started clicking on one thing and then another on the Internet. One place I went was A good friend of mine just returned from one of their trips to Africa.

I knew they were a legitimate organization and looked into their work in Haiti. I found a trip that worked well with our lives here in Jenkinsland. Then I began to pray and pray and pray. God presented several confirmations to me that this is what He has for me!

I am anxious to see how this journey unfolds! I invite you to join with me!

As you know these trips are not free. So this is the first of my fundraising pleas. Please consider helping me reach my first goal of $200 by July 15.

Donate securely online here!

Follow my blog to follow me on this journey! Your prayers are much appreciated!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Listen & Do - The Date

In November of 1993 I was set up on a blind date. It went something like this:

Some friends of the family had mentioned this boy (we really were just kids back then) to me several times. It never really worked out, either he or I were seeing someone.

I recall a particular Friday evening, a week or so before Thanksgiving, this boy's name came up randomly. I worked at the jewelry counter at the local Wal-Mart. The other lady working with me that night was visiting with some people at the other end of the counter, while I was putting away merchandise. I didn't pay any attention to who she was talking to, I have always been task oriented. She walked my way after her conversation had ended and said, "You know, that Telly Jenkins is someone you should go out with." I replied, "Yeah, I've heard of him." That was the end of the conversation. I didn't even get a good look at him.

The very next day the phone at our house rang. It was the son-in-law of the friends of the family I mentioned. He asked if I wanted to go on a date. I told him he was married and that wasn't appropriate. Yes, I have always been coy. "No, no, not me. Telly Jenkins," he said. I didn't have any other plans for that Saturday night during my senior year of high school. After asking my parents permission (I was a good girl), I accepted the invitation.

My friends came by and picked me up. This Telly Jenkins boy was not with them. I remember my Momma and Daddy were not real thrilled about this, but they didn't protest our plans. We drove the forty-five minutes or so to Springfield. The plan was to see a movie and have dinner.

We arrived at the movie complex and waited for this Telly guy and another guy that was coming with him. And we waited. And we waited. And we waited. And we waited. (Note: Remember this for future posts.) It was nearly two hours before the other two boys arrived. I can't remember now exactly why they were so late. I do know we missed our planned showing of "Three Musketeers" so plans had to be changed.

We went to dinner first. Golden Corral. I was so nervous. I ate fruit and gummy bears off the buffet. I had to make a phone call from a pay phone (wow, totally just dated myself) to ask for an extension on my curfew. It was granted and we caught a later showing of the movie.

The whole thing was a whirl-wind. I remember thinking this guy was okay, but I really hadn't formed any definite opinions. Well, I guess I made a more distinct impression. Before I knew it the phone was ringing. He wanted to see me again. Okay, sure, why not. I had plans to be out of town the following Friday and Saturday. This meant the he HAD to see me that Thursday evening, on Thanksgiving. At this point I thought this guy had possible lost his mind!

He met my parents that Thanksgiving evening. The weather was awful. It was sleeting so heavily the ground was completely covered. We lived in the country and I remember as he left my Mom saying, "I hope he can get out of the driveway, because he can't spend the night here!" Her future son-in-law did make it out of the driveway that night. However, he did get stuck a few miles down the road. He walked in the sleet and freezing rain to the nearest house (at least a 1/4 mile away) to call his Dad to drive almost 20 miles to tow his car over the hill!

All of this occurred over 17 years ago. We will celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary in April. For those of you that are speedy with math have already calculated the time difference. I'll cover that 8ish years in my next post!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Listen and Do - An Introduction

I have a story to tell.

Not just any story. My story. My journey.

A few years ago, during a hiccup in my career, I spent a year and a half or so teaching preschool. I adored those 3, 4 and 5 year olds. I remember reminding them on a very regular basis...Listen to what I say, Do as you are asked. Listen and do. Listen and do.

Now that I am back in the working world of grown-ups I mainly use listen and do with my son. I won't lie, there have been many times I wanted to use the technique on adults. It is so simple. 1. Listen. 2. Do.

God gave me a "Listen and Do" time in my life. A true journey of faith. Recently I have felt compelled to share my story. So consider this post your introduction to Listen and Do.

As you read this story please do not be turned off by the spiritual references. If you can relate to the God I serve, that is wonderful. If not, please keep reading. This story isn't meant to talk you into becoming a Christian. As my pastor says (and I believe), "If I can talk you into this, someone can talk you out of it."

I look forward to you joining me on my Listen and Do journey.