Friday, June 25, 2010

A Turtle Kind of Day

Normally, I don't take our mini wiener dog out of a morning. Earlier this week I did, for whatever reason.

About 5 steps from our front walkway was a turtle the size of a large serving platter. I grew up in the "country" so I've seen my share of turtles. Not a life changing event for me. I will admit this turtle was one of the largest I've come across.

This was Rocket's first turtle encounter. He would sniff and jump back, sniff again. I let him get the curiosity out of his system. I pulled him away from the turtle and took him to the other side of the drive to do his "business". In under two minutes he was done and wanted to check out that turtle. Except, the turtle was gone.

Doing what any curious dog would do he put his nose to the ground and was on the trail. He spent the next 10 minutes trailing that turtle through our yard and the neighbors. We never found the turtle. Apparently, this turtle had NOS set up on his shell.

The morning proceeded uneventfully. We all got ready and out the door. I took Baby Girl to daycare just like I always do.
Hopped out of the rig.
Open the door get the baby out.
Open the other door to get the diaper bag out.
Turn toward the daycare door.
... There is another large, but smaller than the first, turtle on the sidewalk, right in front of the daycare door.
Really? Is God trying to speak to me via turtles? This is down right odd.

I guess this turtle had been checking the daycare out and thought it looked fun. When I grabbed the door to open it, he/she (not really up on identifying the sex of turtles) tried to waddle on inside. Keep in mind I have a baby in one arm and an over-supplied diaper bag in the other. I was able to use the door to scoot the critter away from the entrance.

Two turtle encounters in a day. Crazy. I decided if I got to work and there was a turtle in the parking lot I was going to go home.

Or maybe I needed a concordance to look up the Biblical significance of the turtle encounters.

Is it the Month or Year of the Turtle? I started to think that when I read this:

Can I get some type of turtle reference at Wimbledon or the World Cup?


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