Saturday, May 5, 2012

Miss Kari

I feel life I have known Kari Hamilton all of my life. I haven't. In fact I have only spent one short week of my life with her in person.

Kari is spunky. Kari is a woman of God. Kari has a heart bigger than the universe.

That week I spent with was in Haiti. I witnessed a fearless girl (mongoose not included)love like I have never seen anyone love. She didn't care about scabies or if what she was eating was really a fried chicken leg.I am most impressed by her ability to love. It is so genuine, so pure, so Christ-like.

When we left Haiti we were all going back to families, jobs, etc. Kari was going back to a job and her final semester of her Masters in Social Work. Except she didn't leave with us. She stayed behind to help care for a sweet baby boy who had arrived at the orphanage a couple of days before our departure literally on death's door. Kari, a bright, young professional, put her life on hold for a tiny baby she would probably never see again once she left approximately a week later.

This same girl, with the same amazing love will be spending her entire summer in Uganda working with Exile International helping former child soldiers and 60 Feet. I do not doubt for a fraction of a second that Kari is going to change lives in ways that would blow our minds.

Kari would be the first to tell you that she cannot love big all on her own. She has the guidance and protection of he Heavenly Father. And, hopefully, your support. Please checkout Kari's blog and support her amazing ability to minister by donating $25 and entering her iPad giveaway.


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